Vertigo and Chiropractic

Vertigo can be great fun as a child, but not as much as an adult.  Craig Ranch Chiropractic can help treat vertigo and improve balance and coordination.


Vertigo is a condition that causes the feeling of dizziness to the point of nausea.  There are different categories and causes of vertigo, but they are usually either issues with the brain or inner ear organs.

Vertigo can be treated with medications, but for those seeking natural treatment options, chiropractic may be the solution.  Chiropractic manipulations that return the upper cervical spine to proper alignment may reposition the neck back to optimal position, this can reduce inflammation and decrease the dizziness.

In some case home balancing exercises and eye exercises maybe required.

Balance and coordination can be helped with chiropractic

The day to day activities move the bones, joints, and muscles out of alignment.  Chiropractic care restores proper alignment of the musculoskeletal system.  This helps restore the system to proper balance, which is an important part of improving balance and coordination.  When the body is properly aligned and the nervous system is able to communicate effectively, it can help address improper signals the brain is experiencing during vertigo episodes.  

Dr. Allam has also used the Epley maneuver to treat vertigo.  This is an easy in office treatment that is very effective for treating vertigo.  The epley maneuver allows the crystals in the inner ear to reset.  This maneuver sometimes needs to be done several days in a row.


Troy Allam

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