Sciatic Nerve Pain

The sciatic nerve is located at the bottom of the lumbar spine.  It is comprised of 3 separate nerves L3-L5.  These nerves travel down the spine and all the way to the foot.  There are normally 3 spots of irritation of this nerve:

When the nerve is irritated all three can be involved which can result in pain an numbness down the leg to the foot.  At the office in McKinney, Dr. Allam will preform a computerized nerve test to see the function of the these nerves.  The test only takes a few minutes and doesn’t hurt.  Once he has determined if the the nerves are irritated at the lumbar spine or one of the other places,  a plan of treatment will start.  At the McKinney office, we see 2-3 cases a week of this problem which, if caught early, only takes a few visits to resolve; however, if left untreated or if treatment is done in the wrong area the problem can take much longer. 

Causes of Sciatic nerve pain

There are many causes of sciatic nerve pain.  One the most common is inflammation around the nerve.    Direct pressure from anything, like sitting on a wallet, a phone or your foot, or sitting unbalanced or hard seat can cause a problem.  Sometimes Dr. Allam sees sciatic nerve pain in people who lift something too heavy for them or when they have a pelvic imbalance.  There are some other common conditions that will create sciatic nerve pain also herniated disc, lumbar degenerative disc, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, and arthritis.  These conditions can take longer to resolve because most of them took long time to occur, some even develop over a lifetime of bad posture.

Treatment of Sciatic nerve pain

At the office in McKinney, Dr. Allam has serval forms of treatment for sciatic pain.  Chiropractic adjustments will help to reduce the inflammation around the nerve root. Therapy of muscle stim and stretches can relax the muscles. Massage therapy will work the piriformis and other muscles in the lumbar spine a pelvic area.  Acupuncture will aid in pain relief. We will also recommend a series of exercise and stretching to do at home to speed up the recovery time. 

Prevention of sciatic nerve pain

Many of us sit our job all day long and this is one of the leading cause of inflammation in the lumbar spine and pelvic area which can lead to sciatic nerve pain. The best way to relieve this inflammation is to get up throughout the day and move! Sitting in a proper posture in a comfortable, sturdy chair AND sitting flat on the chair (not on your leg, wallet or phone) with your feet on the floor will help. And drink plenty of water…your muscles and body need it!

Troy Allam

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