Prenatal Chiropractic care

Why should you see a chiropractor when you are pregnant?


75-84% of women experience back pain relief with prenatal chiropractic care.  It does not take long to start to see results women had a substantial relief from back pain after just 2 chiropractic treatments.  Not only does treatemnt help with pain management during the pregnancy, it leads to a 24% shorter labor and delivery time.  

Reduce pain

Women's bodies go through many changes during and after pregnancy.  Chiropractic care helps relieve pain associated with the changing body.  Some common symptoms include:

Back pain

Neck pain

Sciatica/Hip Pain

Round Ligament Pain

Deastasis Recti

Piriformis Syndrome


Along with treatment, we show women how to sleep and stretches to do throughout the pregnancy that will help.  Ensuring proper body mechanics lessens the likelihood of pain and maximizes our body's ability to function.  

Dr. Allam has been practicing in McKinney for 15 years.  He had an office above Craig Ranch OBGYN for 5 years where he saw 5-10 pregnant patients a week.  Dr. Allam has been Weber techiqune Certified for 10 years although he is not currently listed.  

Craig Ranch Chiropractic will also see patient after the pregnacy.  This is important to put everything back inline and get the patient ready to take care of their new baby. 



Troy Allam

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