Car Accident and Chiropractic care

If you have not been in a car accidnent before, you are very lucky cause you are out side the norm the average person is in 4 accidents in the there lifetime.  Car accidents can be quick and life-changing.

After even a minor accident you can have phyiscal changes to your body that can last a lifetime.


Let's look at a few signs that you need treatment after a car accident.


Stiffness may not be a red flag for you many people stretch everyday to decrease stiffness, however after a accident most people will have stiffness that will not be decreased by stretching.  

Whiplash is a common side effect of a serious or minor car accident and it can leave your neck, upper back, or lower back in a very rigid state.  You will know you have whiplash if you are unable to turn your head from side to side.

One of the key goals after an accident is to restore the motion of all the joints in the body this is where Chiropractors do a great job.



Numbness can occur after accidents when joints are moved out of place and compress nerves that run through your spine.  Anywhere in the body nerves can get inflammed causing numbness but most often after an accident this can occur in the hands, feet, arms and legs.  When this is untreated nerves can be permanently damaged to the point they do not heal.


Sharp Pain


Sharp pain anywhere in the body is hard not to pay attention to, Sharp pain with movement is normal a acute inflammation around a nerve root.  


Chiropractic care is the best fastest way to reduce the inflammation around the joint and nerve to relieve this type of pain.


Difficulty Moving

After any car accident the first 72 hours is very importment becauce that is when inflammation set in to the joints and muscles that are injuried.  In the first 72 hours ice and rest in the best thing normal after 72 hours the adrenaline slows down and you will start to feel pain.  At this point if your body is not movement normally then seeing a Chiropractor would be next step.  This would include any movement of the neck, back, arms, or legs.  Some people notice this when they return to work and they are stand or sitting or walking all day and the muscles and joints become sore as the day goes on.

Chronic headaches

If you are having headaches after a car accident on a daily base you should see a Chiropractic right away.  Headaches are a common problem that is a sign that something is wrong.


Chiropractic care is the best way to restore your bodies function to 100% after a car accident.




Troy Allam

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