Company Health Lectures

Dr. Allam is an experienced public speaker on a variety of health related topics as well as personal empowerment & motivational topics. He has completed advanced training in public speaking and has several audio/visual presentations on a variety of chiropractic, health and self-improvement topics. Please contact our office for more information.

Company Health Lectures can be scheduled as "Lunch and Learns Sessions" or in a lecture series. Craig Ranch Chiropractic offers these programs free of charge as Dr. Allam is a strong advocate for promoting better health.

Listed below are all the lecture topics and brief descriptions on which Dr. Allam speaks. Please call 214-644-0810 to schedule a lecture today.

ADD/ADHD - A Drug free approach to ADD/ADHD. How to increase school performance and change the way your child is affected.

Arthritis - What it is, how it affects the body and how to manage the affects.

Athletic Performance - Learn how to prevent and manage sports related injuries and how to increase your performance.

Backpack Safety - Ways to prevent spinal problems from increased backpack size and weight.

Balancing Hormones - How to balance hormones, for women of all ages.

Carpal Tunnel - What is Carpal Tunnel, how it occurs, how it can be avoided and how to eliminate numbness, tingling and pain associated with CTS.

Chronic illness - Natural approach to America's biggest health problems.

Creating Wellness in a High Stress World - Tools to eliminate stress in your life.

Ergonomics - Correct body position at home, at work, at rest. Strengthening the weak muscles in the body to prevent injuries, treatment of repetitive stress, and correcting poor body position.

Fibromyalgia - Fix your Fibromyalgia permanently with diet, exercise and chiropractic care.

Fit while you sit -Understanding simple exercises to increase work place wellness.

5 Secrets to a Healthy Child - Provides a new way to look at children and the health problems they face from birth to teenage years.

5 Secrets to Permanent Health - What to eat, how to eat, how to exercise, what medications to stay away from, supplements,hormone regulation, and in home exercise.

Golf Pro - How to improve your swing and stay out on the course without getting hurt.

Headaches - How to treat and relieve all headaches.

Nutrition - How to eat healthy, why some foods are better than others, the benefits of different foods and why food is an effective form of treatment for many illnesses.

Peak Performance - How to make your work place a health place through exercise and stress reduction.

Stress Management - Treating and management of stress, what can you do to resolve stress, physical problems that stress can cause and ways to reduce stress levels.

Trigger Point Massage Workshop - Hands on workshop on how to treat health problems with Trigger Point Massage

Women's Health - How to balance hormones, prevent bone loss, maintain health before, during and after pregnancy, maintaining a healthy body throughout all the different stages of life.