Chiropractic care works with three main systems: Muscles, Nerves, and Bone. When the joints in your body move they pump fluid and nutrition into the joint space. When the joint stops moving the pump stops working then pressure starts to build in the joint and the pressure can compress nerve tissue. When the function of the nerve is decreased it will tell the muscle to contract, when muscle contracts it will lock the spine or other joints in place producing adverse symptoms. When the motion of the spine is restored then the pressure on the nerve is removed, the muscle will relax and the symptom will go away.

Chiropractic care is about restoring motion to the joint and then strengthening the muscles around the joint to create stability. Craig Ranch Chiropractic specializes in treatment of all kinds and all types of care. We provide safe and effective care, with treatment provided on the first visit. Some groups that we can help include Acute and chronic problems, Pediatrics, Athletes, Prenatal, Postnatal, and Geriatrics. All these different people and benefit from Chiropractic care.

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Acute problems: If treated quickly can be resolved quickly as well. The body gives you symptoms for a reason. The body is trying to tell you there is a problem and where it is located. So, instead of taking something to cover up the problem... treat the problem. Acute problems may become chronic if not treated correctly. If you have a symptoms lasting longer than a few days, please listen to your body and do something about it.

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Chronic conditions: A chronic condition is a condition that has lasted longer than 3 months. In this case it is necessary to rehab and strengthen the muscles and joints that are around the injured area. These conditions often take longer to treat. When the problem has been there for a long time the body will adapt to the condition and try to fix/heal it on its own. This can often result in other problem areas due to adaptation of the body. Chronic conditions are often the result of old injuries that were not treated correctly.

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Pediatric: Pediatric patients can benefit from Chiropractic care for several reasons. Problems can occur from the birth process or from a fall. The birth process may be one of the most traumatic events of our lives. Whether the birth is natural or a C-section, they are both stressful on a developing spine. The resulting irritation to the nervous system can be the cause of many newborn health problems. We see Pediatric patients for several reasons; from ear infections, colic, allergies, asthma, headaches, walking problems, flat head syndrome, colds, High cord stress (this is the result of a tough or long birth process) and just wellness. Toddlers should especially be seen if there is changed movement, rapid growth, and/or major falls. Children fall 10,000 times from the time they start to walk to age 10. Many problems seen in adults actually begin in childhood.

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Athletes: Athletes should all see a chiropractor. If kids are playing sports on a competitive level they will get injured. These injuries can be helped through chiropractic care and they can also be prevented with maintenance care. Chiropractic care can help maintain joint motion and prevent strain and sprain injuries. Dr. Allam has worked with several teams since he started his practice and being an athlete helps to understand how injuries happen. The best part about chiropractic care is that the changes are seen right away and it will help them stay on the field and perform better. All kids should be adjusted before and after a sports season at the very least. Adults that do recreational sports should see a chiropractor on a regular basis to reduce the chance of injury and perform their best.

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Prenatal and Postnatal: Pregnant patients can definitely benefit from chiropractic care. Prenatal care can decrease back pain throughout the pregnancy, reduce delivery time and improve the position of the baby. It will also give you a higher chance of a easier natural delivery. After delivery the muscles and joints do not return to normal immediately and Postnatal chiropractic care can help restore the body. Additionally, we can educate you on how to make the spine strong to prevent injuries as a new mom.

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Geriatric: Any person over the age of 55 is going to have some degree of degeneration (arthritis). This condition can affect people to different degrees. Arthritis in any joint is a lack of motion and Chiropractic is all about joint motion. Arthritis creates inflammation and pain in the joint and putting motion into those joints will help keep the joints healthy and pain free. Increased motion of the body can prevent injuries from happening, improve your quality of life and help you feel younger.


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Massage is offered at Craig Ranch Chiropractic for patients as well as non-patients. Massage benefits the body with increased circulation and lymph movement. Our Therapists use different modalities to relax people, re-educate muscles, and reduce pain in the body. Several clients come in with back issues which are to be expected, but the therapists can work the whole body which also helps other issues such as TMJ, headaches, shoulder pain, hip or leg pain, and even foot aches.

Some types of modalities used are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, and Myoskeletal alignment. Many of these will help relieve pain, reduce anxiety or depression, and even help with several other ailments or injuries. We have several therapists here at Craig Ranch Chiropractic with a wide range of modalities. The therapists all take continuing education classes on a regular basis, so we are constantly adding modalities. The therapists assess each patient to determine the best technique(s) for their situation, usually combining several techniques into the massage to assist in the overall healing process. Patients may come in for an acute injury (just happened with onset of pain) or chronic pain (lasting a long period of time).

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Spinal Decompression


In the past, a patient suffering from disc problems may have been prescribed pain medications, instructed to refrain from physical activities, referred for physical therapy, received injections, and when they weren't progressing, they were sent for spinal surgery. Conservative chiropractic care proved very helpful in many cases, yet there have been some cases when surgery seemed to be the only other option... until now.

Today, you may not have to live with that pain anymore. Spinal Decompression was developed to non-invasively treat lower back pain resulting from herniated, bulging, or degenerative discs. Spinal Decompression enables patients to return to more active lifestyles.

Dr. Allam is dedicated to improving the health and function of our patients. We do this by combining traditional chiropractic care with modern technology to deliver an unprecedented level of service. Our commitment to offering the highest quality of care resulted in the addition of the True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System™ for the treatment of back pain due to:

  • Herniated Discs
  • Bulging Discs
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Symptoms of:
    • Sciatica
    • Posterior Facet Syndrome


The True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System™ provides a primary treatment modality for the management of pain and disability, for patients suffering with incapacitating low back pain and sciatica. It is designed to apply spinal decompressive forces to compressive and degenerative injuries of the spine. It has been found to provide relief of pain and symptoms associated with herniated discs, bulging or protruding intervertebral discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome, and sciatica.

We often take moving our neck for granted, until we begin experiencing pain. Our neck is capable of moving the head in many directions: 90 degrees of flexion (forward motion), 90 degrees of extension (backward motion), 180 degrees of rotation (side to side), and almost 120 degrees of tilt to either shoulder. Neck pain can be caused by a variety of culprits including injuries and accidents, as a result of getting older, and the things that we do every day. Poor posture, stress and tension will all affect our body, and possibly result in pain and stiffness.

Although neck pain is commonly caused by strain, prolonged pain may be an indication of something more serious. These symptoms should not be ignored. It is wise to seek medical attention promptly to receive diagnosis and treatment.

You should seek medical care when your neck pain is:

  • Continuous, persistent and severe.
  • Accompanied by pain that radiates down the arms
  • Accompanied by headaches, numbness, tingling or weakness.

Treatment :

  • Protocol includes 6 weeks of treatment with each session lasting 30 minutes.
  • A cold pack and/ or electrical muscle stimulation is applied post session to help muscles consolidate and strengthen.


Low back pain can be caused by a number of factors from injuries to the effects of aging. The spinal cord is protected by the vertebrae, which are made of bone. Between each vertebra are soft discs with a ligamentous outer layer. These discs function as shock absorbers to protect the vertebra and the spinal cord. Many of the problems that cause back pain are the result of either a herniation or degeneration of the intervertebral disc. Degeneration is a result of wear and tear causing deterioration of the disc. Herniations, or bulging discs, are protrusions from the disc that press on surrounding nerves, causing pain or numbness.


Most patients report a reduction in pain after the first few sessions. Typically, significant improvement is obtained by the second week of treatment.


Treatment sessions last 30 minutes. Protocol consists of 20 treatments over the course of 6 weeks, as determined by the physician.


Contact Craig Ranch Chiropractic to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Troy Allam to determine if you are a candidate for care. After carefully studying your case history and exam findings, Dr. Allam will sit down and explain a recommended plan of action for you. Remember that Spinal Decompression is not intended for everyone who has low back pain. After answering any questions you may have about the recommended plan, and if you meet specific criteria, you may begin your care.

DO I QUALIFY FOR TREATMENT? While many patients will qualify for treatment there are inclusion and exclusion criteria.


  • Pain due to herniated and bulging lumbar discs that has lasted for more than four weeks.
  • Recurrent pain from a failed back surgery that has lasted more than six months.
  • Persistent pain from degenerated disc not responding to four weeks of therapy.
  • Patients available for four weeks of treatment protocol.
  • Patient at least 18 years of age.


  • Appliances such as pedicle screws and rods
  • Pregnancy
  • Prior lumbar fusion less than six months ago
  • Metastatic cancer
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Spondylolisthesis (unstable)
  • Compression fracture of lumbar spine below L-1 (recent)
  • Pars defect
  • Pathologic aortic aneurysm
  • Pelvic or abdominal cancer
  • Disc space infections Severe peripheral neuropathy
  • Hemiplegia, paraplegia, or cognitive dysfunction.


Most patients do not experience any side effects. In some instances, there have been some mild cases of muscle spasm for a short period of time.

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Cold Laser

Cold laser light is:

  • Monochromatic (a single wavelength in the 635 to 970 nm range)
  • Coherent (traveling in a straight non-diverging line)
  • Has a wavelength in red portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (cold)
  • Polarized (concentrating it energy as a defined spot)
  • Low power level (ranging from 10 to 7500 mw)

More information on Cold laser therapy What Is Low Level Laser Light?

Low-level laser light is compressed light of a wavelength from the cold, red part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. It is different from natural light in that it is one precise color; it is coherent (it travels in a straight line), monochromatic (a single wavelength) and polarized (it concentrates its beam in a defined location or spot). These properties allow laser light to penetrate the surface of the skin with no heating effect, no damage to the skin and no known side effects. Rather, laser light directs biostimulative light energy to the body's cells which the cells then convert into chemical energy to promote natural healing and pain relief.

The History of Laser Therapy

The word "laser" is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The theory was first described by Albert Einstein (1879-1955) who paved the way for the development of the therapeutic laser.

The first low-level therapeutic laser was developed in 1962. By the end of the 1960's, Endre Mester in Hungary was reporting an improved healing of wounds through low-level laser radiation. Since then, scientists and doctors around the world have been using laser light to treat conditions that can affect all age groups.

High Power vs. Low Power Medical Lasers

There are two types of medical laser: high power and low power. High power lasers are used to cut through tissue. Low-level lasers, on the other hand, are used to stimulate tissue repair through a process of bio-stimulation.

What Is Low Level Laser Therapy?

Low-level laser therapy is the application of red and near infrared light over injuries or wounds to improve soft tissue healing and relieve both acute and chronic pain. Low-level therapy uses cold (subthermal) laser light energy to direct bio-stimulative light energy to the body's cells without injuring or damaging them in any way. The therapy is precise and accurate; and offers safe and effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions. The energy range of low level laser light lies between 1 and 500 mw (milliwatts), while for surgical lasers the energy range lies between 3000 and 10000 mw. The Microlight 830 we use is a 90 mw unit.

How Does Low Level Laser Therapy Work?

Low-level lasers supply energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light. Light is transmitted through the skin's layers (the dermis, epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue or tissue fat under the skin) at all wavelengths in the visible range. However, light waves in the near infrared ranges penetrate the deepest of all light waves in the visible spectrum.

When low level laser light waves penetrate deeply into the skin, they optimize the immune responses of our blood. This has both anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. It is a scientific fact that light transmitted to the blood in this way has positive effective throughout the whole body, supplying vital oxygen and energy to every cell.

The Physiological Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy

  1. Biostimulation
    • Improved metabolism
    • Increase of cell metabolism
  2. Improved blood circulation and vasodilatation
  3. Analgesic effect
  4. Anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects
  5. Stimulation of wound healing

How Does Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Benefit Users?

  • Relieves acute and chronic pain
  • Increases the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair
  • Increases blood supply
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Stimulates nerve function
  • Develops collagen and muscle tissue
  • Helps generate new and healthy cells and tissue
  • Promotes faster wound healing and clot formation
  • Reduces inflammation

Low-level laser therapy does not require constant, ongoing treatments, as is often required with traditional chiropractic or physiotherapeutic remedies.

Is Low-Level Laser Therapy for You?

  1. Do you suffer pain from an old or new sports injury or accident?
  2. Do you suffer from repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome?
  3. Do you suffer from lower back pain?
  4. Do you suffer from migraine headaches?
  5. Do you take pain medications more than three times a week?
  6. Do you ever wake up in the night with pain?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, low-level laser therapy may be for you.

Many acute and chronic conditions can be improved or eliminated with laser use, including:

  • Pain Relief
  • Wound Healing
  • Arthritis
  • Migraine headaches
  • Lower back pain
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
  • Tendonitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer's Elbow
  • TMJ
  • Soft tissue injuries

    New York Cold laser therapy

  • Arthritis
  • Back pan
  • "Blackberry" Thumb
  • Bunions
  • Bursitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Cluster Headache
  • De Quervien Disease
  • Headache
  • Herniated Disc
  • Hip Bursitis
  • Knee Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Migraine Headache
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Scoliosis
  • Shoulder Bursitis
  • Sprained Ankle
  • Stress Fracture
  • Tension Headache
  • Trigger Finger
  • Upper Back Pain

Do you suffer from CTS ?(carpal tunnel syndrome)

Some symptoms include numbness, tingling or burning sensations in the thumb and fingers, particularly the index and middle fingers which are affected by the median nerve, pain in the hands or wrist, loss of dexterity and gripping strength. Difficulty performing routine tasks with the hands such as holding a cup, vacuuming, washing up, or even driving; some people have difficulty holding a newspaper or a telephone. Pain in the arm and shoulder. Swelling of the hand, which often increases at night.

Non-Invasive Low Level Laser / Cold Laser Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the most fascinating and used healing advances for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is Low Level Laser. On Feb. 11, 2002, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave Low Level Laser (Cold Laser) clearance to be used in the non-surgical treatment and management of carpal tunnel syndrome, or "CTS."

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when tendons or ligaments in the wrist become enlarged, often from inflammation, after being aggravated. The narrowed tunnel of bones and ligaments in the wrist pinches the nerves that reach the fingers and the muscles at the base of the thumb. The first symptoms usually appear at night. Symptoms range from a burning, tingling numbness in the fingers, especially the thumb and the index and middle fingers, to difficulty gripping or making a fist, to dropping things. Some cases of carpal tunnel syndrome are due to work-related cumulative trauma of the wrist. Diseases or conditions that predispose to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome include pregnancy, diabetes, and obesity.

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Electric Muscle Stimulation

EMS is designed to reduce muscle spasms and regain balance to the muscle and stabilize the joint or area around the muscle.

It can also be used to speed healing reduce inflammation, and reduce nerve swelling

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Inter-segmental Traction

This therapy is designed to restore and maintain spinal motion by taking 2-4 segments and putting motion and opening up the joint space.

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Nutritional Support/Weight Management

Dr. Allam will work with you to come up with a plan to attack these problems. This is a free service at Craig Ranch Chiropractic.

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Exercise Programs

Dr. Allam will give personalized exercises to our patients to help maintain and control areas of weakness throughout the body. Exercises are given to stabilize the joint and improve the overall health of the patient.

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